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Online Caveat Filing

Online Caveat Filing in the Supreme Court of India

Filing Caveat or  otherwise called Caveat Petition  can be filed Online. This is a new feature added for convenience of Advocates.

Online Caveat Filing Fees

Filing Caveat Petition requires a fees which is deposited while filing the Caveat Petition

Who can File Caveat In Supreme Court ?

A qualified advocate also known as Advocate-On-Record  has the expertise to draft a caveat Petition in the Supreme Court. Advocate-On-Record is a qualification that an Advocate acquires after Practice in Supreme Court of India

How Much time does it take to file Caveat Petition in Supreme Court ?

Once the caveat petition is drafted it can be filed within 15  minutes either physically in the Supreme Court or Online.

What documents are required to file Caveat In Supreme Court ?

  1. Vakalatnama signed by the person filing the caveat also known as Caveator
  2. Copy of impugned Judgment of High Court or any tribunal against which Special Leave Petition or Appeal may be filed by the opposite party.
  3. Memo of parties in the High Court or tribunal

Can a party in Person file a Caveat  Petition ?

Yes, a party in person can also file a caveat petition , however it is always advised to take guidance of an expert to file a caveat petition in order to avoid any objections/ defects that may be raised by the Registry.


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