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Procedure for filing Transfer Petition

Procedure for filing Transfer Petition in the Supreme Court of India, is a legal option most often utilized in divorce cases wherein one party files a divorce case in one state and another party resides unable to contest the case due to difficulties . In such cases one party either husband or wife files for transfer of the case to the place where she resides.

Transfer case from one state to another

In cases where the wife is unable to be present due to reasons of health or financial instability or being a home maker is unable to  contest the case in another state has an option to approaching the Hon’ble Supreme Court for filing a Transfer Petition.

Procedure for filing Transfer Petition involves  Grounds taken

Grounds taken in filing a transfer petition is also a part of  the procedure.

a. Security concerns

b. financial incapability

c Already other cases filed by one party is going on which makes it more practical to transfer since the other party is already appearing in those cases either himself or through counsel.

Procedure for filing Transfer Petition  – Drafting the Petition

Consider the drafting to be the main requirement for being able to convince the court to transfer the matter to the place where the party resides. We at  caveatpetition  

are experts in drafting transfer petitions which surely could convince the court to transfer the matter , the facts should support our condition.

Legal Represesntation

We draft your transfer petition within 24 hrs upon receiving the relevant documents and thereafter file the matter within a short period of time within the next 48 hrs . we intimate you about the process and send you copies of the orders passed in proceedings.

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