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Legal Notice

A legal notice is a warning in simple language to the opposite party to either cease its illegal activities or face consequences which could be either civil or criminal or both.

Requirements of a Legal Notice

  • The Legal Notice will be drafted on the letterhead of the advocate who serves the legal notice wherein the Name and Address of the Advocate appears.
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  • The Legal Notice should have the date mentioned in the notice.
  • The Legal notice will have the name and address of the opposite party to whom it is being served.
  • The Legal Notice will contain the details of the matter and also mention the cause of action when such dispute arose and continues till today.
  • The relief claimed by the sender of the notice and also claim damages and compensation with a firm warning to desist from any further violation of laws.
  • Finally it will have the sign of the Advocate who serves it .
  • Important to note is the legal notice is served from the Advocates Letterhead to the opposite Party.
  • The Opposite party through his /her lawyer may reply to the Legal notice  and the same would be replied at the address of the Advocate who first served the legal notice.
  • In case the opposite party does not heed to the legal notice then the next course is filing appropriate proceedings in the court of law.
  • There are certain cases as in Notice under the Negotiable instruments act , in cheque bounce cases , serving legal notice is mandatory.
  • Legal notices under section 80 of CPC is also mandatory so also prior to filing defamation cases.
  • Legal Notice is a potent weapon prior to initiating any legal process in the court of law.

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