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Transfer Petition Lawyer

Transfer Petition Lawyer in Supreme Court

Transfer Petition Lawyer  files  a Transfer Petition in the Supreme Court of India . Such advocates also known as Advocate-On-Record are  skilled with drafting a Transfer Petition.

How much time it take  to draft a Transfer Petition ?

It barely take 24 to 48 hours to draft a Transfer Petition for an expert Transfer Petition Lawyer equipped with the required knowledge and expertise.

Is any fees required to file Transfer Petition in the Supreme Court?

There is a fees required to file a Transfer Petition . The fees is submitted alongwith the Transfer Petition.

How long it takes to list the Transfer Petition in the Supreme Court ?

Once all the defects are cleared it usually takes around a week or two to list the matter in the Court.

Transfer of Divorce Petition in Supreme Court

Transfer of Divorce cases in the Supreme Court are the most common .  In cases where the husband files a divorce petition and the wife resides in another state , it is likely that the wife would approach the Hon’ble Supreme Court to file a transfer Petition in the Supreme Court to transfer the case to the court of the Principal Judge, Family Court where she resides.


In case you are a husband or wife who wishes to transfer a divorce case or any other related case kindly contact us at 9870447987 or you may even visit us at Contact Us

Either you wish to file or defend the Transfer Petition we can provide you with information and assist you if required. You may also click here for status of the case.


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