Terms Of Use

Terms of use

We welcome you to the Terms Of Use of caveatpetition.com

  1. Acceptance of Terms:

You are informed hereby that the service you take from caveatpetition.com is subject to the terms and conditions contained herein. You therefore agree to and also acknowledge that you are eligible to enter into an agreement and therefore you are requested to  read the terms and conditions carefully. It is completely upto you to use the services or not.You are also hereby informed that these T&C  are subject to change from time to time which will be at the sole discretion of caveatpetition.com. The latest terms and conditions are provided in the footer of the website.

  1. Alterations or Modification of Service:
    caveatpetition.com reserves the right to modify and alter the services without any prior notice to our users.
  2. Users Conduct
    Users are requested to use their good intelligence while using the website and not to publish any work that might be plagiarized and the same will be at your discretion. You will also not be allowed to use the website to post any harmful material that infringes someone else’s rights.You will yourself be liable for any misdeamanour.
  3. caveatpetition.com has and reserves these following rights:
    As caveatpetition.com is a legal information website we reserve the right to disallow any member who infringes upon any use of our copyright work . Users are required to keep vigil about the fact that caveatpetition.com is a legal information website used mainly by lawyers and law students and also the members of the public who may like to user our services in any manner.
  4. User of the website for submitting articles /blogs:
    Users are required to use the website for submitting blogs and articles which should be free from plagiarism. All the content that you submit should be free from use of any words or phrases that might intend to hurt others.
  5. Disclaimer policy:
    We have our own disclaimer policy which can be found on the footer of the website
  6. Privacy Policy:
    our privacy policy is also featured in the footer of the website  which has been incorporated into these Terms .
  7. Indemnity:
    You agree to indemnify , defenda and hold free of harm the website caveatpetition.com based upon the use of the website an in any claim of libel which is a form of  defamation and also  violation of rights of privacy or any kind of  infringement of intellectual property or any other rights.
  8. Jurisdiction:
    We are based in Delhi and therefore within the jurisdiction of Delhi and for any information you may contact us at :

You can contact us at:
Room No. 203, Second Floor,
2-A/3, Kundan Mansion, Asaf Ali Road,
Turkman Gate,
New Delhi -110002
Tel: +91 9870447987
Email id: caveatpet@gmail.com