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Anticipatory Bail

Anticipatory Bail– Grounds  for filing in appropriate court  and Conditions imposed while granting Anticipatory bail.

What is Anticipatory Bail? is a question frequently asked  and  therefore it is important to see how  such an application is filed.  Anticipatory Bail application is filed before the sessions courts and thereafter if rejected then approach the High Court. In case even  high court rejects then one may approach the Hon’ble Supreme Court by way of a Special leave Petition.


The Court exercises its discretionary power while granting interim bail . It all depends on the following grounds or factors while the court considers before granting anticipatory bail.

  1. That there is no possibility of absconding from trial
  2. Gravity offence is very important
  3. Lastly there is no possibility of tampering evidence or even influencing any witness whatsoever.
    There are several landmark judgments that can be referred to in this regards.

Offences for which anticipatory bail is filed

When there is apprehension of  arrest  when there is an accusation of of a cognizable and  non-bailable offence.  One should also keep in mind that filing an application for anticipatory bail should be done with proper legal advise from an experienced criminal attorney , it should not be filed just because an FIR has been filed without any strong proof of facts and also when one apprehends that there is possibility that his anticipatory bail application may be rejected. In both scenario it is extremely important to seek legal assistance.

Duration of AB

Anticipatory bail  usually goes on till the end of trial . Sushila Aggarwal & Ors. vs. State (NCT of Delhi) & Anr, 2020 SCC OnLine SC 98] is one such judgment one may refer to.

Conditions imposed by court while granting Anticipatory Bail

The following conditions as given below are usually imposed by the Court granting anticipatory bail and most common of which are that the accused  shall make himself available for interrogation by the investigating officer as and when required and shall not tamper with  evidence or influence witnesses and shall not  cooperate with the investigation. The conditions  could also include directions  to be released on bail on furnishing a bail bond for a certain  sum  with two sureties of the like amount to the satisfaction of the learned Trial Court / Duty Metropolitan Magistrate, subject to  terms and conditions also may be to upon his release  shall provide his mobile number to the concerned IO / SHO and keep it switched on at all times , the accused /applicant shall not take unwarranted adjournment and attend the Trial Court proceedings on every date and will also  not leave the city without informing the concerned IO / SHO and most importantly  he shall not in any manner contact the complainant/prosecutrix or the witnesses, and will also  not leave the country without permission of the learned Trial Court and will also not reside or visit the locality where the prosecutrix resides and provide proof of his residence  upon release with a minimum distance which may be mentioned in the order subject to the satisfaction of the Ld .trial court

Cancellation of Anticipatory Bail

In the event if the applicant is found to be violating any of the conditions, it would be open to the State to seek redressal by filing appropriate application for cancellation of bail.

Judgments relied upon while granting interim Bail

  • Vaman Narain Ghiya vs State Of Rajasthan on 12 December, 2008
  • Moti Ram & Ors vs State Of M.P on 24 August, 1978
  • State Through Delhi … vs Sanjay Gandhi on 5 May, 1978
    (1978 AIR 961, 1978 SCR (3) 950)


As must as it is important to abide by the conditions of anticipatory bail as per the order, in case of any violation of the said conditions the the police or  as the case may be the  investigating agency can move the court  which granted the AB under  Section 439 (2)  for direction to arrest the accused. Therefore it is advisable to contact highly experienced criminal lawyer in this regards.

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